Travel Behavior Research (mobility solutions) for the BMW-Group: Further Development of the Urban Travel Monitor as an Online Travel Survey with Pre-test in Munich

Problem Statement

For the use of the travel skeleton as a survey instrument for the Urban Travel Monitor (UTM), a modification and implementation as an online survey is required. The question arises how the interview-supported format can be transferred to an online survey. A further challenge is the selection of variables that explain mobility which should be included in the further developed questionnaire.


With the new survey design, the mobility skeleton is prepared for use as a monitor to efficiently capture travel behaviour in urban areas. In addition to the technical improvement to an online survey, an improvement in content is also intended. More attention will be paid to mobility that is not carried out because of online-shopping or other deliveries.


The task of the Institute for Transport Studies is to prepare the existing survey instrument of the travel skeleton for an online survey. Therefore, findings from previous surveys will be used for the modification to further reduce the questionnaire. For the validation of the online survey, a pre-test is carried out in Munich with the help of an access panel. The obtained findings will be used to further adopt the approach and improve its content.