Institute for Transport Studies


Administration and Library
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Library / Graphic and Design iliana luediJzn3∂kit edu
Messtechnik und IT rainer mueckMoa6∂kit edu
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Former Staff
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Prof. Dr.-Ing. former head of institute (until June 1010) Dirk ZumkellerBat6∂kit edu
Dr.-Ing. Research Assistant 2012-2018  
Dr.-Ing. Research Assistent 2012-2018  
Dr.-Ing. Research Assistent 2014-2020  
Dr.-Ing. Research Assistant 2010-2017  
Dr.-Ing. Research Assistant 2011-2018  
Dr. Research Assistant 2014-2018  
Dipl.-Wi.-Ing Research Assistant 2012-2014  
Dr. rer. nat. Research Assistant 2010-2014  
Dr.-Ing. Research Assistant 2007-2013