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Temporal Homogenization Of Traffic Loads (Reducing Traffic Congestion)

Temporal Homogenization Of Traffic Loads (Reducing Traffic Congestion)

Dr.-Ing. Bastian Chlond
Dr. Clotilde Minster

funding:SVI – Schweizerische Vereinigung der Verkehrsingenieure und Verkehrsexperten
Partner:Institut für Wirtschaftsstudien Basel AG , SNZ Ingenieure und Planer AG





Traffic congestion causes economic inefficiency, waste of time, and degrades the environment. One way to reduce traffic congestion is to expand the total capacity of the road system; this solution however implies high financial and environmental costs.

Solution approach

The goal of this project is to suggest anticongestion measures and evaluate their impacts in Switzerland. Public acceptability of road pricing is limited and, as said, infrastructure expansion implies high costs. Therefore this project aims to examine policy measures that may be implemented to reduce the excess demand during identified limited times (peak-hours). These measures will be related to transport policy, urban planning, as well as social-political issues.