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Traffic Flow Simulation

Traffic Flow Simulation
type: lecture/exercise
semester: Sommersemester
10.50 Raum 401
11:30 - 13:00
start: 04.05.2017
sws: 1/1
lv-no.: 6232804

Lecture information

The lecture teaches basic principles and application of traffic flow simulation tools in traffic engineering and transport planning. This includes application of simulation software as well as the knowledge about models and how to deal with the stochastic nature of simulation results.

The lecture teaches the application of microscopic traffic flow simulation using the well-known simulation software VISSIM, combining practical and theoretical aspects (the course takes place in the computer lab). Theoretical aspects include car following models, lane changing behavior and route choice models. Calibration and validation of the models will be explained and demonstrated by practical examples. Furthermore, German and American guidelines for the application of simulation models will be discussed and background information will be given.