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Traffic Engineering

Traffic Engineering
type: Lecture/Exercise
semester: Wintersemester
10.91 Redtenbacher HS
11:30 - 13:00
start: Tuesday 17.10.2017
sws: 1/1
lv-no.: 6232703

Lecture information

The lecture teaches basic principles and skills necessary to understand the methods and tools of traffic engineering, including theoretical background information as well as application of the relevant manuals and guidelines.

  • Applications of traffic engineering: design of infrastructure and traffic control
  • Description and analysis of traffic flow: Basic principles (kinematics, measurements of traffic flows, microscopic and macroscopic traffic parameters, Fundamental diagram)
  • Methods in traffic engineering: travel demand structure, traffic flow characteristics, Queuing theory, Level-of-Service-concepts
  • Capacity analysis for intersections with and without signalisation (entries and weaving sections, roundabouts and signal-controlled intersection),
  • Backgrounds and application of the German Highway Capacity Manual
  • Design of signal control (Fixed time signal controls, vehicle actuated control, „green waves“, network control, progressive signal systems) including public transport (prioritizing systems) and other transport modes (bicycles, pedestrians)
  • Introduction to traffic management (for more detailed information see lecture “Transport Management and Transport Telematics [6232802])